Galaxy S10 Durability Test - Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scratched?!

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is ready to be tested! See what your phone looks like with dbrands new skin Black Swarm: Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this video. Samsung just released the new Galaxy S10, the S10 + and the S10e. Samsung has always been a leader in premium flagships. Ive never had a Galaxy phone fail my durability test yet. Its time to see how the S10 holds up to a bend, scratch, and burn test. We'll be paying special attention to the in screen fingerprint scanner. Using ultrasonic fingerprint capturing technology... will it still work through scratched glass?
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  • “I’ll pull off the swarm, cause what we do next happens without protection”. That is what she said.

    Mont PhelpsMont PhelpsVor 16 Stunden
  • A headphone jack?! Hell yeah brother

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  • so....? does the headphones come with a 3.5 mm or an USB-c connector?

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  • Looks exactly like my a10e

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  • I think this goes to show that Samsung made a really solid phone that year.

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  • Porqueeee nao destrua essa maravilha da samsung eu aqui com um samsung galaxy s4 e voce destruindo um s10 porquee

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  • I've watched so many of these videos but never realised it actualy kinda hurts to see him rig up the phone I own myself😂😂 Also wtf i have deep fucking scratches and u dont see me going over it with those sharp ass things lol you should do a jeans test on phones too

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  • I bet you could fix those scratches by sanding it lol

    Poison808Poison808Vor 2 Tage
    • Wet sanding with like 2000 grit, maybe.

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  • Man I have a samsung s10 and it scratches in my pocket

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  • Why would you have removable buttons?

    Puss catPuss catVor 3 Tage
  • Its normal that the fingerprint works even if scratches, you can put your dog paw on this and it will unlock, this scanner is the unsafest method ever... Samsung sells lies and scrap for a fortune and stupids ppl buys it... I can't stop laughing.

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  • Not one bell or whistle. However ringtone speaking Spot On! Hahahahab

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  • Dont be fooled I had a pen in my pocket next to the screen and it made scratches all over same with my car keys it doesn't take much to hurt the screen I might have to get a new screen or even a new s10

    Luis XDLuis XDVor 5 Tage
    • @Gameing with kei they are I should of bought one from the start but I'll still need a new screen might upgrade to s20

      Luis XDLuis XDVor 4 Tage
    • Screen protectors are the answer even plastic ones

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  • Worst day ever, left my phone at work last night. 10 minutes into my shift I hear yelling behind me and hear a loud crackle sound, someone's phone just hit the ground. In my head: please dont be mine please dont be mine. Walk over see my brand new s10e laying on the floor about 10 feet from original position. Heart sinks, slowly pick up phone, looks worse than old samsung you haven't even finished transferring data too. :( worst part: less than 5 days old, first payment for phone tomorrow...BRUH

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  • Your videos works like therapy to me.... I love it

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  • Wait what??? Its almost a year since the S10 was released... cheez how time rushes :O

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  • It has to be realistic because no one will randomly pull out a knife and start scratching their phone or on porpuse burn. Do realistic tests like dropping from an average height and stuff

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  • I hate the fact that Apple users and Samsung users fight. Just use whatever phone you want and don’t try to pretend you care about each other’s wallets. Both brands are extremely expensive.

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  • I really want the Samsung galaxy S 10 but my Mom won't let me

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  • If phones were sentient do you think they would fear him like a death god?

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  • 6:19 after u scratched it you shouldve tried to delete and save a new fingerprint in the settings

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    • It may catch a different image from your finger, but it will capture the same image every single time...

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